Another attempt at a new diet.

My relationship with food has always remained on the more difficult side, my weight remains on a constant rollercoaster as I just love eating. I’ve always seen it as more of a hobby and unfortunately boredom snacking has helped me pile on the pounds over the last two years. Almost two years ago, I gained an office job & learnt to drive. This has massively improved my confidence and my independence but now, fast food is now only a few minutes away and temptation often gets the better of me.

After letting myself avoid commitment and dodge motivation, I’m giving another diet a new shot. This time I’m trying to change my mindset: food is fuel. I’m going to try to fuel my body with good, wholesome tasty dishes, avoiding dairy, removing all traces of eggs and trying paleo. This should help me loose the pounds and settle my IBS flareups.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Day 1 & Pinterest is my new best friend and last night I put a few of the paleo recipes to the test. See before yourself garlic mushrooms and sweet potato gnocchi in spinach cream sauce with sweetcorn as I eat it with everything. I’m most certainly no professional chief ( you can already tell), so my attempt maybe a total botch.

Would I make this meal again? Absolutely ! Not.

This one was a bit of a long shot, I hate mushrooms & the preparation of gnocchi was no friend of mine. But it made me try something new, and you know what? The sauce was super yummy and something I’m interested in taking into future recipes. Theres going to be hit and miss meals and I’m okay with that, but the fact I’m still excited to keep at it and try another attempt is what I’m taking away from this experiment.

Day 1- a bit of a flop, but lets stick with it for a while 🙂

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